Thursday, April 17, 2014

NICKA K New York Hydro Lipstick in Daring

When I tore open my April Beauty Box 5 last week, I was pretty dang excited to see a tube of lipstick.  More specifically, to see a tube of NICKA K New York Hydro Lipstick in Daring.  Not only do I love a good lipstick, but this brand was totally new to me, as with so many great brands I have discovered through Beauty Box 5.

Now, I am going to say something here that might sound a little snooty, but I am going to come clean and admit that when I went to the NICKA K New York website and saw their lipsticks retailed from $1.49 - $4.99, my expectations for this lipstick were pretty low.  The NICKA K New York Hydro Lipstick in Daring is on their higher end at $4.99, but my mind still screamed "watch out for bad cheap lipstick!"  Fortunately for me though, that was not the case at all!

While this lipstick looks a little weird and bumpy in the tube because mine melted in my mailbox, it feels amazingggggg on!  I swear this glides on like a super premium lip balm, but this lipstick still has a ton of pigment.  The color is gorgeous, and while it did transfer onto my coffee cup, I didn't mind reapplying after awhile because the NICKA K New York Hydro Lipstick feels so good to put on!  I believe this is because the lipstick is formulated with Jojoba Oil.  It's also paraben free.

I am pretty sad I had some meltage on mine, because I honestly would love to order more of 24 available shades of this lipstick!  I've got my eye on "Euphoria" (the one circled in red) and pretty much all of the bright pinks.

You can check out the entire shade range on the NICKA K website by CLIKING HERE.  What colors are you crushing on?


PS - If you want to get awesome beauty products like this NICKA K lipstick mailed to you each month, check out Beauty Box 5 for $12/month or less!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LUSH Cosmetics Shine So Bright Split End Treatment

Recently I was brushing my bleached-for-the-second-time-in-two-months hair and I looked down at my lap and my black pants were covered in little broken ends of hair.  Holy panic mode, Batman!  I am usually so good to my hair, I could not even believe what I was seeing.  However, this little moment of bad hair did help me to remember I had a little tin of LUSH Cosmetics Shine So Bright Split End Treatment just waiting to be used at home.

In case you are confused - yes, LUSH Cosmetics Shine So Bright is for your hair, not for shiny lips.  It may look like a lip balm, and smell lovely like a lip balm, but this is a hair balm - perfect for toting in your purse and most especially travelling because this it's a solidified treatment made from coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, and strangely enough free range eggs.

The LUSH Cosmetics website says to "Use your finger to melt the butters and oils, then stroke it onto the ends of your hair to help repair split ends and perfume your hair beautifully. Or, just use it to perfume your hair – you’re allowed!"  I am not sure I would use this product just for perfuming purposes - the scent is almost like a waxy rose to me.  Not unpleasant, but for me it's just not hitting a home run as a perfume.

As a hair treatment, though, LUSH Cosmetics Shine So Bright Split End Treatment is so cool!  You really have to work it between your fingers to get it spreadable into the hair, and you have to work it in there, but I feel like it smoothed my hair and softened my ends.  Plus, I like that in a moment of boredom at my desk, I can totally be repairing my split ends!  This little baby is officially going everywhere with me.

I am anxiously awaiting the new LUSH store in my hometown to open any day now, but you can check out this product and all of the other amazing LUSH skin, hair, and makeup products on their website by CLICKING HERE.

See you tomorrow for another beauty product review,


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Starlooks Infinity Eye Liner in Black Hole (March 2014 Starbox)

Can I tell you guys a secret?  I've never actually used a potted eyeliner before.  Well, I hadn't, until I received the Starlooks Infinity Eye Liner in Black Hole in my March 2014 Starbox.

Somehow gel this type of liner just hadn't made it's way into my routine until now.  I have never been a fan of applying liquid liner with a brush, and honestly avoid eye liner in general most days because I hate when you use one that ends up all underneath your eye by the end of the day.

While I was nervous it would be more of a process to apply than I was willing to do on a regular basis, I actually think this is way easier than using a liner pencil.  I think I literally said "Gel eye liner where have you been all my life???" to myself as I was using the Starlooks Infinity Eye Liner for the first time.  It goes on super smooth, and doesn't seem to budget at all!  I tend to end the day with eye liner all over my under eye area and lids, so I am super excited that this is going to be something that works for me!

The Starlooks Infinity Eye Liner is available in 17 shades, and normally retails for $13.  However, I received mine as a part of my March 2014 Starbox, which is Starlooks' own makeup subscription service.  For just $15/month, Starlooks will send you a curated collection of special Starlooks items.  Last month YouTuber Ashley Hackman curated the box, and in addition to this eyeliner, I received a lip liner and a gorgeous lipstick (see my review here).  The total value of items I received was $47 - so much makeup for just $15!

If you are considering subscribing to Starbox, please let them know you came from A Beauty Product A Day by CLICKING HERE to use my referral link.  I think you'll love the service - I know I have totally enjoyed my first month's box!

See you tomorrow for another beauty product review,


Monday, April 14, 2014

OPI Nail Lacquer in Chllin' Like A Villain

I am going to share something with you guys today.  When I was little I was super obsessed with the Muppets.  Most especially the Muppet Babies cartoon, which I recall having a VCR tape of that I rewound and replayed so much that one time it started smoking and almost caught my VCR on fire.  To be honest, it was my love of the Muppets which really brought my attention to the OPI brand when they came out with their first Muppets collection.  Today however, I am sharing something from the new "Muppets Most Wanted" collection - OPI Nail Lacquer in Chllin' Like A Villain.

I am not going to lie, when compared with the incredible first Muppets themed nail polish collection, the Muppets Most Wanted Collection is a huge disappointment, at least to me.  I don't feel like any of these new colors (pictured on the right) are special in any way, and I don't instantly relate them to the characters like I did with the first release (pictured on the left).

Despite my disappointment in the collection, because we have all these polishes at work, I still ended up with one shade, this soft pink creme called Chllin' Like A Villain.  This shade, along with all OPI polishes, retails for $9 at ULTA Beauty Stores and other salons and beauty supply shops.

As I have come to expect from OPI polish, this one goes on nice and smoothly.  However, because this shade is so light, I think it needs three coats to give full coverage, not just the two I put on when I did this mani.  This color is so natural looking, it doesn't exactly stand out on my nails.  This is a great "conservative" polish color for those of you who work in places where they don't want your nails blinged out.  I will probably save this nail polish for conservative occasions in the future myself, but this is a nice spring color.  And I will say, it is growing on me the more that I look at it.  It's clean and classy looking, that is for sure!

What do you think about the new Muppets collection?  Do you think it can compete with the original one?


FRAAS "Dottie" Scarf + My Big Monday Goals

Happy Monday everyone!  While I am super sad my weekend is coming to a close (I'm not quite to work yet ha ha), I am feeling oddly motivated to get things DONE this week!  Perhaps it's the Spring weather that's got me excited, or perhaps it's that I can't wait to get out the door in my cute new FRAAS "Dottie" Scarf!

I was sent this scarf from FRAAS from Lipton Publicity to share their new spring item - the "Dottie" scarf.  I received mine in pink, but this gorgeous polka dot scarf is also available in turquoise, yellow, green, and taupe.  The fabric is a lovely polyester blend - super light and perfect for spring and summer.

While it may look odd I'm wearing a scarf with a tank top, I am going to say that for some reason, my neck gets colder than any other part of me!  I love having a scarf handy to drape around me, and this one is fabulous because it is large enough to also use as a wrap.  (The scarf is 28 by 76 inches in total)  When I first get to work in the morning on spring days, my office is always oddly freezing so I love having the option to wrap up in this!

FRAAS scarves retail from $25 - $110, with this particular scarf being priced item at just $32.  It is available at department and specialty stores, or directly from the website.  The easiest way to get your own Dottie scarf though is to call up FRAAS and order one at 212-575-0191.

Speaking of picking up the phone, my goal is to work my butt off this week and make a ton of phone calls for my job!  More specifically, here are my big Monday goals:

  • Make 150 phone calls every day this week at work!
  • Get ahead of my blogging for the week and finish all the product reviews I started this weekend by tonight so I am caught up through Saturday or Sunday!  I have so many great new products to share with you! 
  • Work out every day this week except today so I can blog instead. 

What are your big ambitions this week?  Let me know - I want to hear your Monday goals!

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