Thursday, December 5, 2013

Beauty For Real True Color Lip Cream

So obviously I love testing and sharing new beauty products with the fantastic people who come by to read my blog.  But today I am so excited to write this post I can literally barely stand it!  I'm about to share what may very well be the best new thing I've tried this year.  Yep - it's that major.

Beauty For Real was so kind to send me two of these gorgeous lip creams to review for my blog.  I was very excited to open my package and find their lightest shade, Barely There and their gorgeous red, Really Red.  The packaging looks like a lip gloss, but True Color Lip Cream is SO much better than lip gloss. 

The Beauty For Real website describes True Color Lip Cream as "a unique formula that provides the ultimate care for the lips with high impact, saturated color and long lasting wear that contains cupuaca butter, as well as organic neroli and mandarin oils".   In my opinion, True Color Lip Cream is a perfect hybrid between lipstick, lip balm, and lip gloss.  You get major, major shine from the initial application, but even as the glossiness wears off throughout the day, the color lasts and lasts.  I lost a little of the red on my tea cup this morning, but a light touch up took care of that.  Normally I drink with a straw anyways, and that didn't seem to hurt my color.

What really blew my mind though is how soft and moisturized my lips felt.  Normally when I use a bright lip color like this red, my lips totally get dried out, but that was not the case with the True Color Lip Cream.  It was like wearing a really great lip balm that can handle the massive amount of talking I do at work all day.  I only touched up once in four hours after drinking my tea when wearing the Really Red color - so impressed!

Below is the Beauty For Real True Color Lip Cream in Barely There.  SO pretty!

But the real show-stopper (in my book) is the Beauty For Real True Color Lip Cream in Really Red.  It is literally the prettiest red ever!

Now, with or without this extra fun bit, I am seriously in love with the True Color Lip Cream and can't wait to order myself the third and final shade in their collection - Always There.  But I have to share the other thing that makes this product so amazing.

That's right - it has an LED light in the cap!  Hello re-applying in a dark car, poorly lit room, whatever!  There is a mirror right on the tube so you can touch up anywhere.  Not that you'll need to unless you eat a big ole meal, but still, it's pretty randomly fun.

Beauty For Real's True Color Lip Cream retails for $22 each, and is available on their website.  If I were you though, I'd just snag their current holiday gift set where you get all three shades and a lip liner pencil for $54.  It'll save you a little cash, and trust me, you'll want all three.  If I did have one negative thing to say about this product, I will share that I did notice very slight feathering around my lip line with the red after four or so hours, but I used a lip pencil and primer the second day using it and it seemed to prevent that.  (I may have also over-applied the first time in my sheer delight with the texture of the cream and the amazingness of the color.)

Overall, I am honestly blown away about how much I like this product, and how unlike anything else I have it is.  The Beauty For Real True Color Lip Cream is definitely beautiful - for real.  If you want to check them out and see their other products, visit the Beauty For Real website at

What do you think about these lip creams?  Are they going on your wish list?

See you tomorrow,


PS - I just checked Beauty For Real's Twitter page and they are doing free shipping right now!  Follow them on Twitter @beautyforreal and Facebook to find out about their upcoming promotions and discount codes!
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